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The term neighbint.

I have many neighbint experiences, in fact I have never experienced a time where I have been completely free from bad neighbour situations.

The most prominent one is the bitch who led to the creation of the word 'neighbint'. Last september was my first year at university - first time living away from home etc. Now, being in a Halls of Residence I did expect to encounter some noise problems...however I didnt expect the walls to be so un-sound-proof. There were various incidents of people being immature/inconsiderate/stupid/annoying but they will keep for later entries.

Neighbint lived in the room to the left of me...and she was deaf or something because everything had to be LOUD - loud voice (overheard her yelling down the phone to people), loud tv (countless sex and the city marathons OMGSTFUWITHTHETHEMETUNE) and she had a fondness for playing her music loudly...and bad music at that...to add to this her cd collection was somewhat limited - she only seemed to listen to bad RnB (Mario, Usher etc) (except occassionally she'd have an improvement in her taste only to ruin it by overplaying it) and she maybe had 20 songs at the most that she kept playing over and over. Not only that but she used to turn the bass up, so all i'd hear is thud thud thud and some annoying rnb style yodelling over it. Now, I could have coped with that in itself (annoying but copable) until she went one stage further and started playing it all hours of the fucking night. Hello - invest in some headphones!

I made copious amounts of LJ entries about her referring to her as 'the bint next door' which became 'neighbourbint' and then finally made its complete transition into the term 'neighbint'
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